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Reply To: How to create 2D triangle ?


Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear the new release. By the way, in the present vision 1.4, Does the parallelepiped version of creating a 2D cuboid achieve by setting the parameter Theta? If does, the the code below should include the parameter theta?

template <typename S>
IndicatorCuboid2D<S>::IndicatorCuboid2D(S xLength, S yLength, Vector<S,2> center, S theta )
  : _center(center), _xLength(xLength), _yLength(yLength), _theta(-theta)
  this->_myMin = {_center[0] - _xLength/2., _center[1] - _yLength/2.};
  this->_myMax = {_center[0] + _xLength/2., _center[1] + _yLength/2.};