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Hello, I realize that olb-1.3r1 is quite different from olb-1.4r0, especially in terms of boundary handling. So I’m going to use the boundary conditions that we have in the version olb-r1.3r1 instead of copying some files from olb-1.4r0 to olb-1.3r1, because my previous program was in olb-1.3r1. Please allow me to summarize and change my questions:

Q1: How to implement Zou-He velocity boundary condition in version 1.3r1 ?
I saw the function “creatZouHeBoundaryCondition2D”. but I don’t know how to call it, because I am not familiar with “BlockLatticeStructure2D”.

Q2: How to implement convection boundary condition in version 1.3r1 ?
I call it like this: NSboundaryCondition.addConvectionBoundary(superGeometry, materialOutflow, omega). The program can run, but the droplet still deforms at the boundary and does not flow through the boundary.

So those are my two questions. Who can help me? I would be grateful if anyone would help me.