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Reply To: How to create 2D triangle ?


Yes, I created a new indicator for triangle and inclined rectangle, but i don’t know why there is a problem in setting the outlet materials for inclined rectangle and how to clean the unnecessary voxels outside, as following:
thermal flluid dynamics

The statistic of outflow material number (another geometry of inclined rectangle) was 1-fluid, 2-boundary, 3-inflow, 4-outflow:
`[SuperGeometryStatistics2D]materialNumber=1; count=18848; minPhysR=(-0.00148286,-0.00185643); maxPhysR=(0.00324857,0.00186357)
[SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=2; count=1066; minPhysR=(-0.0015,-0.00187357); maxPhysR=(0.00326571,0.00188072)
[SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=3; count=45; minPhysR=(-0.0015,-0.000382141); maxPhysR=(-0.0015,0.000372145)
[SuperGeometryStatistics2D] materialNumber=4; count=3; minPhysR=(0.00321429,0.00148643); maxPhysR=(0.00326571,0.00153786)