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Reply To: Cuboid Geometry-Drag and Lift


Hello Adrian,

Thank-you for your prompt reply.

When I tried implementing the drag and lift for my inlet and outlet which are in cuboid shape,

SuperLatticePhysDrag3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> drag( sLattice, superGeometry, 3, converter ); // for inlet
SuperLatticePhysDrag3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> drag2( sLattice, superGeometry, 4, converter ); // for outlet

T dragA[3];
int input1[0];
drag( dragA, input1 );
clout << “; drag_inlet=” << dragA[0] << “; lift_inlet=” << dragA[1] << endl;

T dragB[3];
int input2[0];
drag2( dragB, input2 );
clout << “; drag_outlet=” << dragB[0] << “; lift_outlet=” << dragB[1] << endl;

I am getting inf value for drag_inlet and drag_outlet and same for lift as well. Could you tell me the reason for this inf value?

I did not understand the meaning of the sentence you said in your comment:

The CuboidGeometry class describes the block decomposition of the simulation domain and not the obstacle geometry of which you want to calculate flow coefficients.