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Reply To: How to create complex 2D geometry stucture


Glad to hear that it worked.

As for your followup question: Yes, this is possible. As the indicators passed to rename are only evaluated and not stored you do not need to preserve them. i.e. you can write a loop where you construct a new indicator, pass it to rename and delete it again during every iteration.
However this is unlikely to be the best approach – I would suggest to either generate the carpet fractal externally as STL (if you already have code that does this) or to write a new indicator that evaluates the fractal internally. Although if you don’t care about initialization times you can get away with the loop-based approach.

You can definitely access and modify the indicator source code (any part of OpenLB really). This is the main point of open source after all 🙂 A good place to get an overview of OpenLB’s classes and where they are implemented is the Doxygen documentation.