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Reply To: hlbm particle


Dear d.sun,

yes, this is possible. In order to avoid any movement, remove particleDynamics.simulateTimestep("verlet"); from the case file. This function includes:
1. computation of the boundary force
2. update of particle dynamics (via velocity verlet algorithm)
3. writing the particle information onto the grid
Those functions will then of course not be called anymore and you can decide which ones you want to add back in manually depending on your needs.
Without 3., you most likely want to avoid the particle to be removed from the grid every timestep (since it is not added anymore). For that, simply set the boolean template parameter isStatic to true by changing PorousParticleBGKdynamics<T, DESCRIPTOR, false> to PorousParticleBGKdynamics<T, DESCRIPTOR, true>.

As a side note: What you asked for will be much simpler in the new particle framework which will be included in our next release next year.