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Reply To: SLURM script OpenLB


For the current release we recommend usage of the plain MPI-only mode. Hybrid mode will yield an advantage for the upcoming release (due to SIMD support and other architectural improvements).

The specifics of a SLURM script are quite cluster-dependent. For example, here is a script for MPI-only execution on the HoreKa supercomputer at KIT (MPI-only on 10 nodes, compiled using the Intel C++ compiler and MPI libraries):

#SBATCH --partition="cpuonly"
#SBATCH --nodes=10
#SBATCH --ntasks=760
#SBATCH --time=00:30:00

module load mpi/impi/2021.4.0


mpiexec.hydra ./yourProgram

The documentation of your specific cluster likely includes at least an example script for a plain MPI program. This should also work for OpenLB MPI-only mode.