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Reply To: Example issues on Cluster


Hi Adrian,
I am running the simulations on clusters.
Our system has prepared a module (installed the OpenLB).
After that, I unzip the software on my network drive and made changes in to run the simulation in parallel mode (activated mpi).
Then, I created a folder in the “examples/turbulent/Pipe”, where i put the my .cpp, .stl, Makefile, and .sh file.

My .sh file is as follows:

#SBATCH –qos bbdefault
#SBATCH –ntasks 72
#SBATCH –nodes 1
#SBATCH –time 72:00:00
#SBATCH –mail-type ALL
#SBATCH –account=accountname
module purge; module load bluebear
module load OpenLB/1.4-0-foss-2021a
module load gnuplot/5.4.1-GCCcore-10.2.0
make clean
make cleanbuild
mpiexec -np 72 ./Pipe

I just submit it and it works.

I have noticed some issues with the cluster for example:
If I use the following line in the code, my simulation diverges but the same line works fine on my computer.
“CirclePowerLawTurbulent3D<T> uF( superGeometry,3,maxVelocity[0], 7, 0.05, T(0));”

So I just replace this line with the following lines and it worked very well with Clusters.

std::vector<T> origin = { pipelength, piperadius, piperadius};
std::vector<T> axis = { 1, 0, 0 };
CirclePowerLawTurbulent3D<T> POu(origin, axis, piperadius, maxVelocity[0], 7, 0.05, T(1));

Please let me know what you think.
Thank you