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Reply To: Thermal Poiseuille 2D.


Dear Fedor,

Thank you very much for your time.

I spent these days trying both of your suggestions, defineRho() for the ADE lattice and using a SinusStartScale based off of the cylinder2d.cpp.

Unfortunately I am still seeing the strange behavior in the temperature field. These are two images at different timesteps.

For these images, the Reynolds number is 50; the Prandtl number is 13; the maximum lattice velocity is 0.0375; the relaxation time 0.55; Courant number 0.04.

The problem seems to be starting at the cell right next to the inlet. The inlet is constantly kept at 1.5 (as it should be). However, in the cell directly next to it downstream, the temperature begins increasing to non-sense values. The temperature should be bounded between 1.5 and 0.5, as those are the imposed boundary conditions at the inlet and a portion of the wall, respectively.
Thank you again,

Ramiro Freile