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Reply To: Thermal Poiseuille 2D.


Hi Ramiro,

thanks for your message.
That is interesting.
We will have a look.

I would be very happy if you could also give it a try, switch the relaxation times as in the NSE case, simulate again with AdvectionDifusionTRTDynamics, and post here again about the effect.

However, the switch should be correct, since the NSE collision conserves moments up to order one, whereas the ADE does this only up to order zero, which in turn gives reason to use diffusion relaxation for the symmetric populations in the former and anti-symmetric ones in the latter application case.

Please also note that the TRT scheme has variable numerical properties. Dependent on the second relaxation parameter you used, accuracy or stability could be increased; but both can also be decreased. Hence using the plain BGK model is just the right choice for your setting.