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Thank you for your tips. I checked these points and can confirm as below:

– does the problem depend on the number of cuboids/ cores?
No, for the problematic case (15m x 15m x 5m), I tried running with both 1 cuboid/core as well as 4 cuboids/cores, but observe the same error

– plot and check the material numbers in paraview, before and after each rename
I did this and I can confirm that the issue arises at the very first rename:

superGeometry.rename(0, 2, indicator);

However, as the indicator layer is created from the grid generated by the STLReader, this indicates that the problem is occurring from the STLReader itself. I cannot diagnose this further as the STLReader is a black-box to me.

– increasing the extent of the CuboidGeometry can avoid round-off errors at that stage
I tried this by increasing the extension distance in the IndicatorLayer3D<T> extendedDomain declaration five-fold, but it does not fix the issue

If possible I would like to diagnose what is going on within the STLReader further, but I am not sure how to do this, so I would like to request any possible support on further resolving this issue.