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Reply To: Mass flux calculation


Sorry for the late response – our new release took up most of my time in the past weeks.

I rechecked your instantiation of the mass flux functor: Which constructor did you actually want to use? (See Doxygen for reference).

The arguments likely lead to selecting

SuperPlaneIntegralFluxMass2D(FunctorPtr<SuperF2D<T>>&& velocityF,
                               FunctorPtr<SuperF2D<T>>&& densityF,
                               SuperGeometry<T,2>&       geometry,
                               T conversationFactorMass,
                               T conversationFactorTime,
                               const Vector<T,2>& origin,
                               const Vector<T,2>& u,
                               BlockDataReductionMode mode);

which is not we want here.