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Reply To: Install issue olb-1.5r0


Unfortunately the CXX value in is not passed to the embedded dependency builds in the release version. You need to override it using e.g. export CXX=... if the default compiler is too old (i.e. in this case doesn’t support even C++11).

Alternatively, as you already installed tinyxml and zlib separately and disabled USE_EMBEDDED_DEPENDENCIES, you can directly compile the example you want to execute (switch to example folder, run make). make in the OpenLB root only compiles those dependencies which is why you still get the error there.

For further support, I’ll need to see the specific config-mk file and your exact compiler environment. But I suspect that compiling the examples directly / overriding CXX will already help.

Out of general interest: What is your usecase of Multipass in this context?