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Reply To: Install issue olb-1.5r0


Hello Adrian,
Thank you for your reply Adrian. I did export env variable in my shell. but the macOS gave me weird errors regarding accessibility and such. (was not able to access that specific compiler I installed and etc. I used sudo too.).
I was trying to compile everything. I was silly not to try and run make from example folders duh!. Most likely should have been enough to generate the file I needed.

I will try that. I am using Multipass to compile and run everything in openLB folder which is the only folder shared with Virtual Ubuntu.
Just install GCC and openmpi dependencies and you should be able to compile everything. I am using compiledb to generate compile_commands.json and using to hop around the library.

Of course, there is no need for you to do so if your IDE can do it for you. But mine does not so I usually need that. Afterwards for me it takes a long time to write something which is worth trying running it. But I compile it on Multipass to make sure the changes I made were correct compile-error wise. Nothing more than that. I don’t have access to workstations to give you any information about the compatibility of them and Multipass. I hope this answer is of use.
Best regards,