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Reply To: About LES+RayleighBernard flow


Oh, thank you mathias.

Do you mean that smagoPrefactor in SmagorinskyBoussinesqCouplingGenerator3D is actually the smagorinsky constant, while not smagoPrefactor = cSmago * cSmago * descriptors::invCs2<T, NSDESCRIPTOR>() * descriptors::invCs2<T, NSDESCRIPTOR>() * 2 * util::sqrt(2)?

By the way, I’m also confused about two parameters deltaTemp and T0 in SmagorinskyBoussinesqCouplingGenerator3D. Should deltaTemp always be 1, meaning I have to normalize the T_high and T_low to 1 and 0? Can I just use the real temperature (like deltaTemp=20℃)? and what is T0? The RayleighBernard example gives the low temperature. Should it always be so? Or is it just a reference temperature that I can set, such as (T_high – T_low)/2?