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Reply To: Linear Temperature distribution on walls



I am considering a case where I have a rectangle geometry. The left vertical wall is kept at 278K, while the right vertical wall is kept at 318K. This wall temperature I am setting using setAdvectionDiffusion Temperature boundary. Now, for the horizontal wall, I want to have linearized temperature distribution in the horizontal direction such that the temperature on the wall would be a function of the distance. At x=0,it would be 278K, at x=L/2 it would be 298K and x =L it should be 318K.

In addition, I also want to know how the temperature non-dimensional conversion is done. In the previous blogs, I read that the Thot is set to 1 in non-dimensional units, while the Tcold is set to 0. Is it set this way?

I hope that you are able to understand the question


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