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Dear developers,
I am trying to write the post-processor for the boundary where I wanted to couple the ghost nodes with the nearest fluid with a pseudopotential of F=g(x)Ψ(x)s(x + e)e, where e is the discrete velocity and s(x+e) is 1 if x+e lies on the wall and 0 otherwise. I will substitute a constant for g(x).
So, my plan to implement this boundary is to write a post-processor, just like setFreeEnergyWall. Am I correct? Is this way to add the force F to my lattice points near the wall, and will this force be added to the collision term?
My work plan is as such:
1. Create Descriptor that holds additional fields (external F, velocity, Omega)
2. Prepare geometry (two Slatttices with 1 as fluid and 2 & 3 boundary material)
3. Patching dynamics to the fluid of Slattices (ForcedShanChen)
4. Creating coupling between Slattices (ShanChen pseudopotential)
5. Patching dynamics to boundaries (Upper wall only bounce-back)
6. Patching dynamics to boundaries (Lower wall bounce-back + Force described above)
7. Initialize lattice points with values
8. Collide&Stream
9. communication inter-Slattices
9. Execute coupling of point 4.

Am I correct about the concepts? Adding postprocessor for wall and fluid nodes will add the F values to its dynamics and will be taken care in collide & stream?