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Reply To: gpu usage question


Sorry about that, I’ll see if I can mark you as trusted in the forum.

These warnings I also get, they are of course not good and are fixed if we have the time but also don’t prevent the code from working (these particular ones are also not GPU-specific).
Are the original messages “Error: call of overloaded – sin ( double & ) is ambiguous” also “just” warnings and the program compiles or does it fail completely when targeting the GPU? Somehow your setup seems to use different math functions that interfere with our internal overloads to support the automatic differentiation subsystem. (If it compiles it is likely not a concern as these particular angular functions are not used for any of the LB models)

Most of the warnings we get in this context are caused by the same code being used both for CPU and GPU targets, confusing the compiler (i.e. the __host__ __device__ called from __host__ warnings, hidden by the default flags).