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Reply To: gpu usage question


Let’s attach the outputted phrase when ‘make’ is executed.
The “(i.e. the __host__ __device__ called from __host__ warnings, hidden by the default flags).” Can you explain that in a bit more detail?
nvcc version : 11.3
g++ version : 9.4.0
ubuntu version : 20.04
i’m using wsl2

some test results
Test 1: Run the example using the .mk file that uses gpu (gpu_only, gpu_openmpi) >> Normal operation
Test 2: Run problematic code using .mk file that uses cpu (cpu_sisd, cpu_openmpi) >> Normal operation
Test 3: Run problematic code using .mk file the uese gpu (gpu_only, gpu_openmpi) >> error!

similar error” line 20 ~ line 30