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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the reply.

Assuming I understand correctly, the free energy wall boundary condition works by 1) formulating a contribution to the free energy functional which depends on the order parameter at the boundary and 2) taking the negative gradient of the free energy as a kind of thermodynamic force. It seems to me that something very similar could be done for the free surface model where instead (of the order parameter) the “thermodynamic force” depends on the local mass.

I would be happy to try to implement this, test it using an analogous contact angle simulation, and share my code if successful. That being said, I would also welcome any advice on how to best get started. I understand that what I most likely need to implement is a “postProcessor”. I’ve had some difficulty tracing back through the call stack of setFreeEnergyWallBoundary and understanding exactly what is going on there. Are there any additional examples, documentation, references, etc., that you think may help me in getting up to speed on postProcessors and how to use one to simulate wetting in a free surface model? I understand C++ and LBM theory well enough but I am new to OpenLB. I’m glad the community here is consistently responsive and helpful.

Warm regards,
– Matt