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Reply To: Compilation error


Dear Adrian,

The characteristic length ( the radius of sphere) D= 0.02m, resolution N=20, so the deltaX=0.001m,the size of Computational domain is 15D*8D*8D. The basic unit of my STL is mm,so I set stlsize=0.001.I think there is no problem .
Then I checked indicatorF3D.hh,from line 621 to line 624:
621IndicatorCuboid3D<S>::IndicatorCuboid3D(Vector<S,3> extend, Vector<S,3> origin)
622 : _center(origin+.5*extend),_xLength(extend[0]), _yLength(extend[1]), _zLength(extend[2])
624 assert(_xLength>0 && _yLength>0 && _zLength>0);
As _xLength= extend[0], _yLength= extend[1], _zLength= extend[2],the assertion error may caused by the component coordinates of the vector extend, at least one of them is zero or negative value.
So I replaced the original cylinder3d.stl file in the example cylinder3d with the exact same model created by the modeling software CROE, and the same assertion error occurred.
It looks like that the source of the error seems to be caused by offset of coordinate systems between OpenLB and CROE, so what should I do?