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First of all, thank you for both of you for your discussion, it made me progress a lot on understanding how to customize boundary conditions.

I have a couple of question though:

– @Matt, have you progressed since your last message?
@Sam, you provide a reference in your first reply that suggests to add and solid/fluid interaction term to the Shan-Chen fluid/fluid interaction force. But wouldn’t doing so via a similar approach as in the ‘setFreeEnergyWallBoundary’ function necessitate some kind of “coupling” ? (just like the Shan-Chen forced postProcessor in the phase separation example in 2D)
– @both of you guies, don’t you think that, according to the way this additional force term is formulated in the cited Huang et al paper, adding this solid/fluid interaction force term directly into the bulk resolution? (by applying this force to every bulk node and just use a “solid neighbor indicator function” as a factor as suggested in the paper). In that case I would start from the ShanChenForcedSingleComponentPostProcessor (or any similar one depending on the issue to solve) and modify it directly. (this approach seems safer to me, a pure roockie of OpenLB, since I am not sure yet if one can modify the FORCE field in two speparate postProcessor (I am not sure I understand yet the difference between EXTERNAL_FORCE and FORCE fields))