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Reply To: Multi GPUs Calculation


In general you do not need NVlink interconnect to use multiple GPUs in OpenLB (as MPI will transparently fall back to PCI device-cpu-device communication, although it is recommended for optimal performance due to better inter-GPU bandwidth).

I assume that OpenLB did not issue a warning on missing CUDA-awareness of MPI (e.g. “The used MPI Library is not CUDA-aware. Multi-GPU execution will fail.”) and that you compiled / installed MPI with CUDA-awareness?

Can you provide me with more details on your system and software environment? (CUDA versions, modified and so on)

If you use mpirun -np 2 ./cavity3d only the first of all visible GPUs will be used (as per the warning message). This is why the example configs contain the mpirun -np 2 bash -c ‘export CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=${OMPI_COMM_WORLD_LOCAL_RANK}; ./program’ command which will assign each rank its own GPU.