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Reply To: New Particle Collision Model 0penLB 1.6


Hello Jan,

Thank you for your feedback it has been very useful. Just one question I have with the dkt2d example is regarding this part of the code:

solidBoundaries.push_back( SolidBoundary<T, DESCRIPTOR::d>(
std::make_unique<IndicInverse<T, DESCRIPTOR::d>>(
cuboid, cuboid.getMin() – 5 * converter.getPhysDeltaX(),
cuboid.getMax() + 5 * converter.getPhysDeltaX()), 2, wallContactMaterial));


What I understand is that you gave material number 2 (wall) the properties of wallcontactMaterial but what arguments are you providing here (std::make_unique<IndicInverse<T, DESCRIPTOR::d>>). Also what if I have couple material numbers that I want to consider as walls in that case should I extend the vectorin the same manner?