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Hi Adrian,

I have my own way of visualisation. This is one of the reasons why I need to write the data somewhere.

Also, I might have to use the data later to train some NN structures. It would be really great if I could write the data in a format other than the classic .PVD.

This is what I thought could be useful in order to solve this issue, but It seems to be not working well.

std::vector<SuperF3D<T,T>*< vectorVelocity;

if(iT%vtkIter == 0 && iT > 0)
SuperLatticePhysVelocity3D<T, NSDESCRIPTOR> velocity(NSlattice, converter);

After saving all the steps of the velocity, at the last saving step, I am summing all the saved velocities and dividing it by the number of steps. Everything runs smoothly but it doesn’t give the same result as the Time-Averaged functor.

Sorry I can’t copy and paste my code, because the site sees it as a threat. The rest is basically a for loop and then I use the AnalyticalFfromSuperF3D.