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Reply To: Communication between BlockLattices


By application / model code I mean the code the users of OpenLB write (e.g. if they implement new boundary conditions, collision steps, … or new simulation setups).

1: By intra-process I mean communication between blocks that belong to the same process (i.e. communication inside a process). You can start by reading the SuperCommunicator implementation (although the only point to that would be if you want to modify the communication code, if you only want to use OpenLB and/or add new models to it you do not need to understand any of the details here – that is the entire point of having a framework 🙂 I only write this because I know that your research is on the model and not on the HPC side of things)

2: Inter-process communication in OpenLB is and always was based on MPI. Only the specific usage of MPI has changed over time.

3: I am not sure what you mean. Each process has its own instance of the SuperLattice. Each of those instances holds the blocks assigned to the respective process.

4: Yes, again, this is heterogeneous processing (we previously talked about this)