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Reply To: Compilation error

Ali Fauze

Hello Adrian,

I have the same problem, but I verified my STL file using blender, and also in my output, the MinPhysR is equal to my min node, and the same for the MaxPhysR, and y PhysDeltaX=0.00125 m. And I tried to define my vectors manually, and then getting the statistics from the simulation. Then I tried also both definition of the IndicatorCuboid3D (olb::IndicatorCuboid3D< S >::IndicatorCuboid3D ( Vector< S, 3 > extend,Vector< S, 3 > origin ) and this one
olb::IndicatorCuboid3D< S >::IndicatorCuboid3D ( S xlength, S ylength, S zlength, Vector< S, 3 > center )) and always I have the same error.
Do you have any suggestion to fixe the problem?

Best Regards