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Reply To: olb1.6 bifurcation3d

Fuxin He

Dear Adrian

Thanks for your patience in replying, I have changed the file already as follows:

# Compiler to use for C++ files, change to mpic++ when using OpenMPI and GCC
# CXX := g++
CXX :=mpic++
# Compiler to use for C files (used for emebedded dependencies)
CC := gcc

# Suggested optimized build flags for GCC, consult config/ for further examples
CXXFLAGS := -O3 -Wall -march=native -mtune=native
# Uncomment to add debug symbols and enable runtime asserts

# OpenLB requires support for C++17
# works in:
# * gcc 9 or later (
# * icc 19.0 or later (
# * clang 7 or later (
CXXFLAGS += -std=c++17

# optional linker flags

# Parallelization mode, must be one of: OFF, MPI, OMP, HYBRID
# Note that for MPI and HYBRID the compiler also needs to be adapted.
# See e.g. config/

Then it will report the following error

My guess from reading chapter 9 is that I don’t have CUDA installed, which is why running “ompi_info –parsable -l 9 –all | grep mpi_built_with_cuda_support:value” results in false.

Fuxin He