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Fuxin He

Dear Stephan,

I’m sorry for the late reply, because I just finished dealing with the result. The error is just as I said in the last post attached. In of this folder (/ olb1.6 r0 / SRC/functors/lattice timeAveraged/superLatticeTimeAveraged3D hh) line 225 should be “the output = [iDim] _sDataMN.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDim)-_sDataM.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDimM) *_sDataN.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDimN)/_ensembles/_ensembles;” Change to “output[iDim] = _sDataMN.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDim)/_ensembles-_sDataM.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDimM)” *_sDataN.getBlock(iCloc).get(input+1,iDimN)/_ensembles/_ensembles. In other words, you are missing an average of MN, which is the Reynolds stress processed after my modification. Although it is not in perfect agreement with Kim’s result, it is much better than the original data, which is 1000 times higher than the modified one.

Below is my output, compared to Kim’s literature:Kim J, Moin P, Moser R. Turbulence statistics in fully developed channel flow at low Reynolds number[J]. Journal of fluid mechanics, 1987, 177: 133-166.

Fuxin He