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Fuxin He

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for your reply, but I still don’t fully understand your explanation. You mean that it will be automatically allocated according to demand even if I don’t modify it. I just want to use “ShearSmagorinskyForcedBGKdynamics” and “wallFunctionParam” in Channel3d ,then I will add another one of the descriptor needed, such as:”WallFunctionForcedD3Q19Descriptor = D3Q19 < TAU_W TAU_EFF, AV_SHEAR, FORCE >;”Am I right? Or should I just use the original(WallFunctionForcedD3Q19Descriptor = D3Q19 < TAU_W TAU_EFF, FORCE >),because it will automatically generate what I’m missing.

I’m referring to the Dynamic Smagorink-Lilly model,or the Dynamic subgrid scale modeling,or DSM for short. You can refer to the following literature.”DynSmagorinskyD3Q19Descriptor = D3Q19 < SMAGO_CONST >” seems to mean the smagorinsky coefficient is a constant in the OpenLB.

Premnath K N, Pattison M J, Banerjee S. Dynamic subgrid scale modeling of turbulent flows using lattice-Boltzmann method[J]. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2009, 388(13): 2640-2658.

Fuxin He