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Reply To: simulateWithTwoWayCoupling


Dear Jan,

I also wanted to remove const, but I don’t know if it will affect the rest of the converter. Like you said, I changed this place to:UnitConverterFromResolutionAndLatticeVelocity<T, DESCRIPTOR> converter

And then I changed it based on the error report:int overlap = 2;The original code had such a definition: supParticleSystem.setOverlap(2. * converter.getConversionFactorLength());

I understand it as overlapping area, can you explain the meaning of this in detail, when I analyze the data in the fluid part, the two layers of data in the middle of the Z-axis will be repeated, I initially thought it was caused by parallel Settings, I don’t know what the correlation is, and I set it equal to 2 correctly?

Best regards,