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Reply To: Wall Shear Stress on Bouzidi Wall



ad 1: That is what I figured. I checked that by setting up the STLReader and modified the functor to output the normals (will need those for other postprocessing). They did indeed all point towards the centre.

ad 2: How difficult would it be to set up such an analytical functor? Just starting to get my head round OpenLB (and object-oriented C++). Where would I start looking for something to use as a template for such a functor?

Re 3D WSS vector, does the following change to latticePhysWallShearStress3D.hh look correct to output the WSS vector in 3D in the global coordinate system?


SuperLatticePhysF3D<T, DESCRIPTOR>(sLattice, converter, 3), // changed this from 1 to 3 to give WSS vector


    T WSS[3];
    WSS[0] = traction[0] - tractionNormalComponent[0];
    WSS[1] = traction[1] - tractionNormalComponent[1];
    WSS[2] = traction[2] - tractionNormalComponent[2];
    // magnitude of the wall shear stress vector
    // output[0] = util::sqrt(WSS[0]*WSS[0] + WSS[1]*WSS[1] + WSS[2]*WSS[2]);
    // Output all 3 components of WSS vector
    output[0]= WSS[0];
    output[1]= WSS[1];
    output[2]= WSS[2];
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  • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by TSchenkel.