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Reply To: VTK Repeat Write


Dear Adrian,

I found the case I ran before in version 1.5. At that time, I didn’t set MPI and I noticed that only the VTI file output in the 0th step was repeated 8 times, while others were normal. After modifying the files, the issue of duplicated output occurred not only in the 0th step. You can identify which ones are duplicated by observing the file sizes, and files exceeding 100MB are all duplicated. I still don’t know how to solve this problem. Then I found that this line of code is related to the setting of duplicated output:

// display messages from every single mpi process
// clout.setMultiOutput(false);

However, if this line of code is not enabled, doesn’t it mean that the output occurs only once in total for multithreading? I conducted tests on another computer, and the same issue occurred.

Best regards,