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Reply To: VTK Repeat Write


The screenshot I shared above is the output after I made some modifications. The following screenshot shows the output results of the original 1.5 version file, and in the zeroth step, it repeated the information.

I added some physical quantity outputs. I believe this should not be the cause of the problem. I understand that you suggested opening MPI:
CXX :=mpic++

Indeed, this allows for the correct output of VTI files. However, I need to implement periodic boundaries for particles, I can only run it with MPI turned off. Therefore, I disabled MPI, but still used “mpirun -np 8 ./channel3d” to run the program. What puzzles me is why some VTI files can be correctly output in the same program, while others show duplication.Is there any relevant setting to prevent the VTI file from repeatedly writing information after the first write?

I didn’t understand your point about completely deleting the directory. I did rename the output folder, and when outputting, two folders appear—one named “tmp” and the other with the name I specified. Is there an issue with this, and should I make changes here?