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Reply To: Turbulence modeling issue

Ali Fauze

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for your response, sure!
Fluid properties:
Density: 997 Kg/m3
Kinematic Viscosity 8.927e-7 m2/s
Inlet Velocity 1 m/s
Dynamics used –> SmagorinskyBGK
Resolution –> 25
DeltaX –> 0.004
deltaT –> 0.0004
Descriptor D3Q19
Inlet –> smooth start-up 1m/s velocity in (checked the velocity inlet in paraview) and InterpolatedVelocityBoundqry is used
Outlet –> InterpolatedPressureBoundqry is used

I am at your disposal for any further information.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards.