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Reply To: Adding an arbitrary shaped particle.


Even if I try to create a simple shape composed of two overlapping spheres, I get the same error

Vector<T,3> center(lengthX/2.,lengthY/2.,lengthZ/2.);
442 std::shared_ptr<IndicatorSphere3D<T>> sphere1 ( new IndicatorSphere3D<T> (center,5*dx));
443 center[0]=center[0]+5*dx;
444 std::shared_ptr<IndicatorSphere3D<T>> sphere2 ( new IndicatorSphere3D<T> (center,5*dx));
445 //IndicatorIdentity3D<T> combined(sphere1+sphere2);
446 std::shared_ptr<IndicatorF3D<T>> cuboid2 = std::make_shared<IndicatorIdentity3D<T>>(sphere1+sphere2);
448 creators::addResolvedArbitraryShape3D(particleSystem,center,dx,cuboid2,2.*W0,1000.);

What am I doing wrong ?

PS: How do I paste code in the forum?

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