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Re: About ConvectionBC


Dear Marc,
I used Interpolation pressure BC but it still was not stable in my high Reynolds case so that I tried the convection BC.
Do you mean that the convection BC DOES make the velocity uniform at the outflow?

And I tried Periodic BC. I defined a velocity at the inlet when iT=0, and let the inlet and outlet became periodic at x-direction. But seemed didn’t work. It is like below

cuboidGeometry.setPeriodicity( true, false, false );

sLattice.defineDynamics(superGeometry, 3, &bulkDynamics); //Inlet
sLattice.defineDynamics( superGeometry, 4, &bulkDynamics ); //Outlet
sLattice.iniEquilibrium(superGeometry, 3, rhoF, uF);
sLattice.iniEquilibrium(superGeometry, 4, rhoF, uF);
sLattice.defineRhoU( superGeometry, 3, rhoF, uF );
sLattice.defineRhoU( superGeometry, 4, rhoF, uF );
sLattice.defineU(superGeometry, 3, uSol); //Define inlet velocity