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Re: Accessing data during simulation


Hi Oli,rnrnare you really sure to have a DoVisualizationStuff() after EVERY collide and stream step? This is not recommended due to performance. Usually, computations and advanced post processing is strictly separated.rnKeep in mind, that LBM is formulated in meso scale and the raw data in OpenLB has to processed anyway, see prepareResults() in the given OpenLB examples. This ‘interal’ post processing is realized by the Functor concept.rnrnA quick and dirty work around would be, to write vtk data every time step and process is with a separate tool. As the output of OpenLB is VTK based, this provides a very general post processing for the user.rnrnBy the way, which data are you interested in? Macroscopic velocity, discrete particle distribution, …rnrnQ1: The examples of OpenLB call the function prepareResults(), where the internal post processing happens.rnQ2: Data hierarchy is from Cells to BlockLattice3D and SuperLattice3D. Where cells = raw data, the BlockLattice are a bunch of cells and SuperLattice is for Parallelisation.rnQ3: I am sure. Perhaps it need some adoption, but as it is open source this modifications are possible.rnrnLooking forward to your reply!rnAlbertrnrnHave a look to example aorta3d, there you will find fluxes!