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Re: Aorta3D application


Thank you very much for your reminder. I checked back the user guide and foundrn

IndicatorCircle3D <T,T> circleInd ( center1 , center2 , center3 , normal1 , normal2 , normal3 , radius );

rnrnI tried to import another vessel data and set the inflow and outflow according to the above functors. However, the running got failed as “”Segmentational Fault”” in the terminal. rnrnrnIn this data, it has one inflow and only one outflow. I input the geometry points of inflow/outflow as the followings, rnrn

IndicatorCircle3D<bool,T> inflow( 0.030109 ,-0.0036929-2.*converter.getLatticeL() ,0.011362, 0., -1.,0., 0.0019551+2*converter.getLatticeL() );rnIndicatorCircle3D<bool,T> outflow0(0.030491,-0.0032984+2.*converter.getLatticeL(),-0.011663, 0.,1.,0., 0.0019476+2*converter.getLatticeL() );

rnrnI tried several inflow/outflow points but there is still error. I am curious if these have been set incorrectly so that the aorta3D cannot run. rnrnIs this channel-flow data possible to be simulated using aorta3D?rnMy data:rn you.