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Re: Create a new Geometry


Hi Alejandro,

I want to create some 2D triangles but there is no IndicatorF for triangles like IndicatorCircle2D for circles. Do you know how to do that?

I found there is a functor called SmoothIndicatorTriangle2D but what does the mass, epsilon and theta in that functor mean? The “Smooth” one seems to be different from the general IndicatorF like IndicatorCircle2D. Thank you.

Best regards,

Quote from Alejandro_Claro on January 14, 2017, 15:16
Hi cloner0101,

Could you please give us more information about the case you are trying to simulate ?

The porous media is not my field of research but I think you could create the geometry with a CAD software if it is in 3D. You will need q STL file for the geometry, you could check “aorta3d” example. If the geometry is 2d and your are able to know which nodes corresponds to wall nodes maybe you could see the “cylinder2d” example.

The basic parameters are defined in the object “converter” that is defined in the main. The boundary conditions are usually defined first at the preparation of geometry. Then, theirs values are defined in a user-function. The initial conditions also are defined in this user-function. You could see the “cylinder2d” example to understand how it works.