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Re: Data Analysis


Oh, thank you again for that, Robin, it really helped!rnrnBut now the challenge is: I would like to plot the pressure drop around the obstacle over time, so, I would need the pressure drops in every instant. For that, I thought of simply copy and paste the results printed on the terminal by the function [getResults], but then I realised it’s not even possible because I am not able to visualize the whole printed data due to the limited dimensions of the terminal and even if possible, would be quite exausting the copy all the data manually ( specially in some edited examples of mine, in which there are more obstacles ). Also, I would like to plot the velocity in two or three points around the obstacle, also over the time, and I simply don’t get these data from the terminal. For that, I was considering using Paraview, but for now I was only able to plot the Pressure/Velocity between two different points ( or in a line ) for a single instant, which is not what I want. Any ideas?rnrnAtt.