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Re: Data Analysis


Hi Ivan,rnthere are various possibilities for data extraction/analysis. It depends on what exactly you want to examine.rn


  • With the SuperVTKwriter3D<T> you can create output for Paraview, by adding functors, e.g. for velocity SuperLatticePhysVelocity3D<T, DESCRIPTOR> velocity(sLattice, converter); and vtkWriter.addFunctor(velocity);. This is done in the getResults function of the examples. To find other functors you can have a look at the doxygen documentation.rn
  • The BlockGifWriter<T> gives output pictures during the simulation, however this is rather for the pictures and a first look at the results during simulation, than analysis.rn
  • There are also functors for the flux, e.g. in the bifurcation example. Generally you can access the physical values by functors or the values of the distribution function and do your own evaluation/analysis. You can find some functors in the inheritance diagram of SuperLatticeF3D or SuperLatticeF2D in the developer guide (