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Re: Doubts – Prepare Geometry – Cylinder3d


Hi Robin.Trunk,rnrnThank you for the yours answers. As “”stlReader”” and “”extendedDomain”” instances are IndicatorF3D type, the addZeroVelocityBoundary function could use either. I know that prepareLattice function needs a STLreader object, but it could be changed by a IndicatorLayer3D object, right? rnrnThe addZeroVelocityBoundary function is defined as:rnrn

rnvoid olb::sOffLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<T, Lattice>::addZeroVelocityBoundary(rn SuperGeometry3D< T > & superGeometry, rn int material, rn IndicatorF3D< T > & indicator, rn std::list< int > bulkMaterials = std::list<int>(1,1) rn) rn

rnrnBest regards,rnrnAlejandrorn