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Re: error 1 – BoundaryCondition2D.o


Hello again Mathias,rnrnAfter the “”example”” simulations were successful in “”gcc”” I started to try to run the same examples on parallel using MPI as it is described in the user manual (which is quite helpful and detailed).rnrnI have mpich2 installed in my Ubuntu and I made the modifications required in the manual for running the examples in parallel:rnrnswitching the flags for CXX and PARALLEL_MODErnrnThe only difference is that my mpicc file has no capital letters (like the mpiCC described in the I had to switch this too.rnrnThe first example that I tried to run in parallel is “”bstep2d”” however I am receiving a huge quantity of errors concerning “”undefined references”” . I am copying a link to the .txt file that I created with the terminal output after trying to compile, since it was too extensive to paste it here.rnrnWould you mind taking a look to see if you can identify a possible problem?rnrnI am again running these examples in my Ubuntu 13.04 powered by virtualbox 4.2.12rnrnmy processor is a intel i5 3320M with 4 cpu’s allocated to the ubuntu.rnrnHere is the link to the text file:rnrn, thank you very much in advance for your helprnrnP.S. I wasn’t sure if I should have created another topic for this matter, so I decided to follow up here instead. Please correct me if I acted wrong.