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Re: Free-Slip Boundary Condition – Implementation Doubts


Hi Robin,rnrnThank you for your response. I am trying to “”copy-paste”” the Bounce-Back template in the code to change just the “”collide”” function. From the specular reflection’s concept I am having some difficulties to create a code that it is independent of the location of the surface and the existence of corners/edges in 2D/3D. However, I will tested this approach in the 2dcylinder example.rnrnI read the user guide of OpenLB and I found that in section 2.2 (define and use boundary conditions) the createInterpBoundaryConditionXD allows to implement the non-local boundaries. The velocity gradient is evaluated with this “”option””. If I well understood, the non-local boundary implements a post-process step (just after the streaming step). I seems that the Class Template olb::BlockLattice3D<T,Lattice> has the function addPostProcessor (PostProcessorGenerator3D<T,Lattice> const &ppGen). The PostProcessorGenerator3D<T,Lattice> class has been implemented in Class Template olb::PlaneFdBoundaryProcessorGenerator3D<T,Lattice,direction,orientation>. However, I do not figure out how to define the post-process routine. In this routine I would like to implement the functions found in olb::fd Namespace.rnrnThe direction and orientation parameters in PlaneFdBoundaryProcessorGenerator3D are for the plane of interest ? Theses parameters are scalars or vector ? The normal vector of the surface is inwards or outwards of it ? rnrnI will check your paper in these days.rnrnBest regards,rnAlejandro