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Re: Free-Slip Boundary Condition – Implementation Doubts


Hi Alejandro,rnrnyou are right, since the BounceBack is implemented as an Dynamics object, that replaces the standard collision step. This step is desired to be strictly local, therefore the code is not designed to allow non-local boundaries at this point.rnThe post processing is the right place for non-local boundary treatment. As an example you can look at the convection boundary implemented for advection diffusion problems. Especially at the filesrnopenlb > src > dynamics > advectionDiffusionBoundaryPostProcessor3D.h / .hhrnThe Generator creates an PostProcessor object that contains a function processSubDomain, where the actual treatment of the boundary is implemented.rnrndirection and orientation are computed from a discrete normal that is obtained byrndiscreteNormal = blockGeometryStructure.getStatistics().getType(iX,iY,iZ);rnThis normal is pointing outwards and discreteNormal[0] contains the type of boundary node (plane, edge, …). More information about this normal can be found in the doxygen.rnrnBest regardsrnRobin