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Re: Help for implement Anechoic Condition

Quote from josepedro on November 16, 2015, 21:00rnDear forum users,rnrnI want to implement a wall that have a anechoic condition.rnThis wall was presented in this article:rnNon-Reflecting Boundary Conditions for One-Step LBM Simulation of Aeroacoustics – 2006 (Kam)rnrnHow can I find the collide operation in OpenLB?

rnrnrnHi, Josepedro,rn Here are all the model supported in OpenLB 0.9. The “”dynamics”” classes are mainly reloaded for collision model, and “”momenta”” for macro parameters model, like density, velocity. You can check the most similar class name to your boundary model to see if it meets your need.rn password:0nghrn password:8o48