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Re: How to Change Fluid Properties


Hello, Alejandro,rnrnFirst of all, thank you for the fast reply.rnrnBasically, what I meant with “”messed up images”” is this:rnrnCaptura_de_Tela_2016_06_16_a_s_18_44_27.pngrnrnWhich is what happens when I simply switch rho(1) to rho(1000), as previously explained.rnrnAnd, as Im still a beginner, can you make it a little clearer? How do I set the class LBconverter<T>? I mean, the line 303 I mentioned is right here:rnrn

LBconverter<T> converter(rn (int) 2, // dimrn (T) L, // latticeL_rn (T) 0.02/M, // latticeU_rn (T) 0.2*2.*radiusCylinder/Re, // charNu_rn (T) 2*radiusCylinder, // charL_ = 1rn (T) 0.2 // charU_ = 1rn );rn converter.print();

rnrnIs that what you’re talking about? If so, the doubts remain.rnrnAtt.rnrn