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Re: How to Change Fluid Properties


Hi Ivan,rnrnIf you see the class LBconverter<T>, the constructor could be seen here: rnI will suppose you will use the cylinder2d example. The Reynolds number is a constant that you will impose to the model. The characteristical kinematic viscosity (CharNu) depends of the fluid, if it is water at 20°C then its value is 0.000001 m²/s. The characteristical length (CharL) of the problem is the diameter (2*radiusCylinder). The density of the water (CharRho) at the same temperature could be approximated by 1 kg/m³. rnrnThus, the charactersitical velocity (CharU) could be defined as: Re*CharNu/CharL = CharU.rnrnThe latticeL and LatticeU are the discretization parameter of the model that you use (I suppose you know theirs meaning).rnrnThe converter objet will be:rn

LBconverter<T> converter(rn (int) 2, // dimrn (T) L, // latticeL_rn (T) 0.02/M, // latticeU_rn (T) 0.000001, // charNu_rn (T) 2*radiusCylinder, // charL_ = 1rn (T) Re*0.000001/(2*radiusCylinder), // charU_ = 1rn (T) 1000. // charRho : characteristical density of the waterrn );rn

rnrnHope this post is more clear.rnrnBest,rnrnAlejandro