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Re: How to Change Fluid Properties


Hello, Alejandro,rnrnThank you one more time for the reply.rnrnJust let me ask you, did you mean the density of the water (CharRho) to be 1000kg/m³? We’re talking about liquid, right? I this case, would the converter object be this one?rnrn

LBconverter<T> converter(rn (int) 2, // dimrn (T) L, // latticeL_rn (T) 0.02/M, // latticeU_rn (T) 0.000001, // charNu_rn (T) 2*radiusCylinder, // charL_ = 1rn (T) Re*0.000001/(2*radiusCylinder), // charU_ = 1rn (T) 1000. // charRho : characteristical density of the waterrn );

rnrnrnIf so, how does the cpp recognize the “”(T) 1000.”” line as related to the density? Still, would I have to do the same alterations in the line 156 as explained in the very first post?rnrnBest,rnrnIvan